Unit 8 Have you read Treasure Island yet?

  • 基础短语&词形变换
  1. find an island full of treasures发现一个满是珠宝的小岛

be full of =be filled with 充满,装满……

  1. a classic 一部名著(可数名词)I like reading classics.
  2. go out to sea 出海
  3. Alice in Wonderland艾莉丝漫游奇景
  4. Robinson Crusoe鲁滨逊漂流记
  5. Little Women小妇人
  6. Tom Sawyer汤姆. 索娅历险记
  7. turn to Page 5.翻到第五页; 5 pages 5页;on Page 5 在第五页
  8. put down放下;turn down 调小;cut down砍倒

die down 逐渐变弱,逐渐消失;fall down 跌倒

  1. in a hurry (n.) 匆忙地;      hurry to do sth. 匆忙地做某事;

hurry to+地点 匆忙地赶到某地;hurry up 快点 、赶快

  1. be due to do sth 预定干什么be due for sth预定什么due to由于
  2. arrive on this island with enough food and drink带着足够的水和食物来到这个小岛
  3. make a boat制做轮船
  4. bring back取回来;拿回来

10.give up doing sth 放弃干什么
11.wait for 等候什么can’t wait to do sth迫不及待地干什么
12.cut down砍倒
13.build a house建房子
14.kill … for food 杀死什么作为食物
15.the marks of another man’s feet另一个人的脚印
16.who else还有谁
17.see sb. doing sth.看见某人正在干什么
18.run towards……
19.help sb. do sth.帮助某人干什么
20.name sb. …给某人起名为……
21.teach sb. sth.教某人某事
22.used to do sth 过去常常干某事
23.fight over……而争吵
24.return home 返还到家
25.on the radio在收音机上
26.think about sth/ doing sth考虑什么/干什么
27.come to realize 逐渐认识到
28.ever since自从……以来
29.the home of……的发源地
30.belong to +人称代词的宾格/人名(无被动、无进行)
31.be kind to sb.对某人和蔼
32.trust one another互相信任
33.remind sb. that…使某人想起
34.have been to )曾经到过某地,但已返回到原地
35.do research on ……的调查研究
36.hope to do sth.=>hope that
37.introduce myself to………作自我介绍
  introduce …to…
1.亚洲 adj             
2.旅行            (观光者)_        旅游业_     
3.保护(v.)          n._     
4.出生(n.        v.          (过去式)                
5.classic            形容词是           
6.French            法国是          法国人是              
7.actually                      形容词是               
8.southern                    名词是                      
9.beauty           形容词是            副词是               
10.introduce                   名词                         
1.Olive Twist is about a boy who goes out to sea and finds an island full of treasures.
1) island可数名词,意为。该元音以元音因素开头,用an
  He lives on an island.他住在一个岛上。
2) full of 此处是形容词短语,意为满是….的;(有)大量的,在句中作后置定语。此外,full of也可在句中充当状语或表语。   常见短语be full of= be filled with 充满
He received several baskets full of cards and letters congratulations.      
Robinson stared at the footprint,full of fear.(状语)  
 As we returned home, everything seemed to be full of life.(表语)
He's always full of cheer in summer.  夏天他总是高高兴兴的。
【练一练】(    ) 1.The world is __________(充满) of chances, and we must make a quick decision when we meet one.
(    ) 2.If you read a lot, your life will be full ___ pleasure.
    A. by    B. of     C .for    D. with
(    ) 3. The box is_______________(装满) books.
(    ) 4. On hearing the news, her heart was ____ gratitude( [ˈgrætɪtju:d]感激).
 A. filled of       B. full with     C. filled  with     D. fill with
(    ) 5.—Look! Here comes Cindy! She is always full of ________ .
       —So she is. because she takes a lot of exercise every day.
   A. knowledge   B. courage       C. change     D. energy
They didn’t find the treasure of the wrecked ship.
 The museum has lots of treasures. 这家博物馆藏有很多艺术珍宝。
2.Have you read Treasure island yet?
辨析1. already. adv. “已经多用于肯定句中,通常与动词的完成时或进行时连用。也可用于疑问句,但不表真心的疑问,而表惊奇。它多置于句中。有时为了强调而置于句末。 如:
① I’ve seen the film already.
② The train has already left. 火车已经开走了。
③ Have you already had breakfast? 难道你已经吃过早餐了?
2. yet. adv “已经、仍然、还一般只用于否定句或疑问句,且常常置于句末。如:
① He hasn’t found his bike yet他还没有找到他的自行车。
3. still.  adv “仍然、还可用于各种句中,且一般只用于句中。如:
① Do you still teach in that school? 你还在那所学校教书?
① He is still(还)standing there.
② He is standing there stilladj.不动的、静止的)他站在那儿一动也不动。
【练一练】1. —Have you finished your work ______?
—Yes, I have. I’ve ______ finished it.
A. yet; already   B. already; yet   C. just; already   D. already; yet
2. ---Has he returned from Canada_________?
--- Yes, he’s _________ come back.
A. yet; already   B. ever; already C. already; yet   D. yet; yet
(   )3. --Have you finished the work _________ ?
--Yes, I have. I did it three days ago.
A. yet    B. already C.never   D. often
(   )4 --Have you finished your homework _________ ?
--Yes. Ive  _________ finished it.
A. already; yet  B. already; already C. yet; already  D. yet; yet
(  )5.-- Has Jane gone home?
--No, she is still in the classroom. She hasn't finished her homework _________ .
A. already  B. yet  C. ever  D. just
(  )6. --So far, she has _________ helped 500 homeless children.
--She is very great.
A.never   B.ever C.already  D. yet
7. Beijing has ______ succeeded in hosting the 2008 Olympic Games.
8. --Would you like to go out with me?
--I'd love to, but I havent finished my work _________ .
3.You should hurry up. The book report is due in two weeks.
1.adj. 预期;预定 , 通常只用作表语其后常跟表示时间、日期的词或短语。
The homework is due next Monday.  作业下周一要交。
The meeting is due at 9: 00 am.  会议预定上午9: 00开始。
2. be due to do sth.  意为预定/期做某事
You are due to hand in your composition on Friday afternoon.
3. be due to sth.  =because of sth.  意为因为, 由于
He was late due to the very heavy traffic.
【练一练】(    ) 1.The guests are due to ____ very soon.
       A. arriving      B. arrive    C. Arrived
(    ) 2. 新计划预定三天后出台。
The new plan _______________three days.  
(    ) 3.The meeting is due___________ (start) at 2: 00 pm.
in two weeks 两周之后in“......以后
  He will be back in a week. 一周之后,他将回来。
(    )1.—____________ can you finish this English exam?
       —In about one and a half hours.
    A. How far   B. How often   C. How soon    D.  How long
1.hurry up  赶快;快点
1Hurry up with that coffee.    请你快点把咖啡端上来。
2Hurry up and get dressed .    快点穿上衣服。

  1. hurry to do sth. 匆忙去做某事

She hurried to go out.   她匆匆出门了。 

  1. in a hurry 匆忙地

1You make mistakes if you do things in a hurry.
【练一练】(   )1. If you don't ______ , you will be late for the basketball game.

  1. hurry up    B. cheer on  C.worry about  D. give up

(   )2.-- _________ ! It's time for class. --OK, Im coming.
A. Dont worry  B. Hurry up C. No way      D. Take it easy
(   )3. Toms father went to work _____ without having his breakfast.
A. hurry up   B.in a hurry C. come on   D. in time
(T)他匆忙穿上衣服。( hurry)_________________________________
请你快点,否则你会赶不上火车。( hurry up)
你干嘛这么急匆匆的?( in a hurry)____________________________

  1. She cant wait to read them.
wait  v 等,等候,等待 → waiter n 侍者
wait for 等候 Please wait for me at the gate.
wait to do sth 等着做某事
can’t wait to do sth 迫不急待的去做某事
【短语】1.wait a moment! 等一等    2.be kept waiting 一直等着
         3. keep sb. waiting make sb. wait 叫人等着。

【练一练】(    )1. How nice the ice cream looks ! I _____ taste it.
     A. at the moment    B. can’t wait to    C. wait a moment   D. wait my chance
(    )2Millie said she _____________(等不及) her computer. It’s a present  from her parents.
5.I named him Friday because that was the day I met him.我管他
1.“陆地; 土地不可数名词。a piece of land“一块陆地”, : on land在陆地上。
Frogs can live both in the water and on land.  青蛙既能在水中生活也能在陆地上生活。
2. land国家; 地区”  可数名词。
Many young people believe that America is a land of opportunity.

  1. 动词, 表示“(坐飞机或船等)到达; 着陆; 降落

The plane will land in two hours.  飞机将在两个小时之后着陆。
An elephant is the biggest animal _______________.  
, 宇宙飞船已经着陆了。
Look, the spaceship________ already_________.  
6.a number ofthe number of辨析
1the number of表示“……的数量”,跟复数名词连用作主语时,中心词是number,谓语动词要用单数.例如:
1The number of students in our class is50.我们班学生的数量是50.
2The number of pages in this book is 60.这本书有60.
2a number of表示许多”,相当于 many,修饰可数名词复数.作主语时,谓语动词用复数.number前可用large,small等修饰,以表示程度.例如:
1A number of students are planting trees on the hill.许多学生在小山上植树.
2A number of wild animals have been found in the forest.
【练一练】(   )1. There _________ a number of people over there.
The number of the people _________ over 100.
A. is; are  B. is; is C. are ; is  D.are;are
(   )2. _________ the tourists came to visit the Beijing Zoo today. _________ them was over 20,000.
A. A number of; A number of B. The number of; The number of
C. A number of; The number of D. The number of ;A number of
(   )3. The zoo keeper is worried because the number of visitors  _________ smaller and smaller.
A. become   B. are becoming C. is becoming  D. have become
____ _____  ___ the students in this school has increased to2, 500.
_______  _______  _______ workers are cleaning the street.
7.Many songs these days are just about modern life in the US, such as …, but not about belonging to a group.
1. belong to sb(不能用所有格或物主代词) 某物属于某人Sth belongs to sb = sth is sb’s
 This book belongs to me.这本书是我的
2. belong to sth
A) (某地)的人(或居民),居住: I belong to Shanghai. 我是上海人。
B) 的组成部分,是(某个整体)的一部分;
Which door does this key belong to? 这把钥匙是开哪扇门的?
This lid belongs to this jar. 这个盖子是配这个瓶子的。
Do you belong to any organizations or clubs?
3. belong +介词+地点 指什么东西应该在什么地方。
The painting belongs on the wall. 这幅画应该挂在墙上。
(  )1. Diaoyu Islands _________ China ever since ancient times.
A.belong to    B. belong in C. belong under D. belong with
(  )2. I really want to know which CDs belong to _________ .

  1. my B. ours C. us D. mine

(  )3.The Diaoyu Islands _______________(属于)to China.
(  )4.— Are these books ___ ?  — No, they are not mine. They belong to ___.
    A. your; her     B. yours; her    C. you; hers    D. yours; she
(  )5.Mo Yan, a famous Chinese writer, won the Nobel Prize for literature at the end of the year 2012. We learn that success ___ the person with a never- give –up attitude.
   A. drives out          B. takes over       C. belongs to
(  )6.  Are these books yours, Mike?—No, they aren’t. They belong to __.
    A. him     B. his      C. hers      D. she
这些衣服是我的 ______________________________________         
8.I hope to see him sing live one day!

  1. hope此处作及物动词,后跟动词不定式作宾语。


hope hope to do sth希望做某事 We hope to see you again.
hope+that从句,表示可以实现或能达到的希望 We hope that we can see you again.
wish wish to do sth希望做某事 I wish to place an order right now.
wish sb to do sth希望某人做某事 I wish him to make progress.
wish+that从句,表示某种强烈而又难以实现的愿望 I wish that I could fly like a bird!

  例:She will dance live in our school tonight .今晚她要在我们学校现场跳舞。
9. Have you introduced this singer/writer to others? 你把这名歌手/作家介绍给其他人了吗?
  ①introduce sb/sth to sb向某人介绍某人/某物
例:Let me introduce my friend to you.让我给你介绍一下我的朋友。
  ②introduce oneself to sb.(向某人作)自我介绍
      例:Permit me to introduce myself. 请允许我介绍自己。
10.line  名词 n. [C]
1. ,线,
She hung the wash on the line.  她将洗好的衣服晾在绳子上。
2. 线条
Draw a line from A to B.  A点划一条线到B点。
3. ,;(等待顺序的)行列  wait in line 排队
There is a long line at the ticket office.  售票处排着长队。
4. (诗文的)一行;台词
He quoted a few lines of Milton. 他引了弥尔顿的几行诗。
She learned her lines after an hour. 一小时后她就背熟了台词。
5. 皱纹
His face is covered with lines.  他的脸上布满了皱纹。
6. 电话线;电报线  on the line 通话中   bad line 不良线路
Hold the line 不要挂断电话 。
Fredie was speaking on the other end of the line. 弗雷迪正在另一头接电话。
7. 【口】短简,短函[S]
Drop me a line when you arrive.  你到达以后给我来一封信。
(  )1There is ______island in the middle of _______lake.
 A. an; a         B. an; the     C. the; the       D. the; a   
(  )2I have read Robinson Crusoe______ , but I haven’t read Tom Sawyer ______.
A. already; already   B. yet; yet  C. yet; already D. already; yet
(  )3If we work hard, our future will be __________hope.
A. full of  B. because of       C. instead of    D. hear of
(  )4— I have just finished reading half of the book.
      — You should hurry up. It is due_______ two days.
A. for           B. after        C. in      D. since
(  )5.  ______! There is little time left.      
 A. Don’t worry  B. Don’t hurry  C. In a hurry D. Hurry up  
(  )6. — What happened at the end of the story?
— A policeman shot and killed the dangerous criminal with his ____.
A. gun    B. knife       C. hands       D. stick
(  )7 . — How long have you been a league member(团员)?
 —                .
      A. A long time ago  B. Since two years 

 C. For about a year      D. In 2016
(  )8.  Frank is a creative boy. He had a great  in yesterday’s speech competition.

A. succeed  B. success      C. successful   D. successes
(  )9. — I don’t know your friend. Can you her ______ me?  
— Sure, I can.
A. introduce;to   B. lead;to   C. introduce;for    D. tell;to
(  )10. The movie is so interesting that  people have seen it in the past few days.
A. two millions of  B. two millions C. million of  D. millions of
(  )11Have you decided ________?
A. which one buying          B. to buy which one     
C. which to buy one           D. which one to buy
(  )12—What _______can you see in the picture?
A. else;Nothing else            B. else;Nothing others         
C. other; Nothing else          D. other;Other nothing
(  )13— Do you know the two boys?
—Yes, _______is Tom,______is Jack.

  1. one;another   B. the other;the others

 C. one;the other   D. one;others
(  )14—________the rock music make you feel?
—It makes me excited.
A.What does       B. What is   C. How does   D. How is
(  )15. Sally haven’t finished her homework. _______ she didn’t write a word at all.
A. Suddenly   B. Actually   C. Hardly   D. Luckily
(  )16 .Mary was walking ________ the bus stop to catch the bus when I saw her.
Afrom    Btowards    Cabove         Dover
(  )17. A good knife is probably the most useful ________ for a cook in the kitchen.
Askill     Bmachine   Ccommunication  Dtool
(  )18. —What do you think of mobile phones?
—They are important in the ________ world.
Amodern      Bmagic    Cwild    D. ancient
(  )19.—Why are so many boys and girls here on this cold night?
—Because Jay Chou will give a concert here. They are all his________.
Afriends    Bstudents     Cfans           Drelations
(  )20. She has made many friends ________ she moved here.
Aas soon as      Bwhen    Cever since       Dwhile
(  )21I like Linjun jie .I hope to see him _____one day.
A. played live  B. playing living   C. plays living  D. play live
(  )22. If prices rise too high, the government has to do something ________ it.  Ato stop   Bstopped     Cstopping      D. stop
(  )23_______the teachers in their school is about 200 and ________ them are women teachers.
AA number of, a number of    BA number of, the number of
CThe number of, a number of DThe number of, the number of   
(  )24. —____ you ___ your homework yet ?
—Yes . I _____ it a moment ago .
 A. Did ; do ; finished             . Have ; done ; finished
  . Have ; done ; have finished      . will ; do ; finish
(  )25.— Harry Potter is very interesting and it is one of the most popular books in the world.
—____.  And I don’t know why so many people are interested in it.
A. That sounds great.           B. I can believe that.  
 C. I just don’t like it.            D. I can stand it.
1. I haven’t decided which book ______ (choose) for the English class.
2. This book is about Yao Ming_________ ( play) basketball in NBA.
3. Have you read the back of the book _______(see) what’s it is about.
4. I______ (not see) the science fiction,but I ______ (hear) of it before.
5. She_________ (teach) English at the village school for many years.
6. 11. Her parents can’t wait ____(call) her___(tell) her the good news.
7. Look! The children are playing_____ (happy)on a____ (break) ship.
8. Where is Tom? We can’t find him anywhere.Maybe he_______ (go)back home.
9. How many________ (page)of the book______you ________ (read)?
10. Let’s enjoy the ________( beautiful ) of nature and the countryside_________(relax)ourselves.
11. Listening to The Toms______(be)a good way _____ (wake) me up.
12. Ever since then,she___ (be) a fan of____ (America) country music.
13. Country is a ________(tradition) kind of music from the ________(south) states of America.
14. Many songs these days are just about modern life in the US ,such as the______ (important) of money and________(success),but not about _______ (belong) to a group.
15. Sarah __________ (not be) to Nashville yet,but it is her dream__________ (go) there one day.
16. There are many great country music concerts with famous musicians and popular_________ (sing),like Garth Brooks.She is one of_______ (success) ________ (music) in American history.
17.I hope____________ (see) him ____________ (sing) live one day.
18.Although I________ (borrow) the book last Friday,I ________ (read) 200 pages of it already.
19.Her ______ (succeed) in helping the homeless people will encourage more and more people to join her.
20_____ (million) of birds are flying to this green land for food.
21Have you ever ________(write) a novel?
22They have ________(build) two factories in their hometown.
23Many people didn't know the ________(important) of health until they got seriously ill.
24Tom isn't thirstybecause he ________(drink) two cups of tea.
1.He’s already been to Beijing twice(改为否定句)
He ________ been to Beijing twice ________.
2. She has written some wonderful songs.(就画线部分提问)
________ ________ she _________?
3. The music makes me feel bored?(就画线部分提问)
________  ________ the music _____ you feel?
4. What other things would you like? (同义句
What _______ do you ________ ?
5.When he first got to the island ,he didn’t have anything,(同上
When he _____ the island _____ the first time, he _____ ________.
6. The photo made her think of her grandparents.同上
The photo ________  her ________ her grandparents.
7. She often fought with her friends because of study in the past.同上She ________ ________ fight _______study with her friends.
8. I think the bike is Tom’s.同上
I think the bike ________  ________ Tom.
9. When you travel to foreign countries, you'll realize how important it is to learn English. (同上)
You'll realize the ______ of learning English when you travel_______.

  1. 政府预定在新学期开办九所新学校。


  1. 台湾自古以来就属于中国。来源_________________________________________________________
  2. 小妇人这本书是关于四姐妹成长的。


  1. 金银岛是关于一个男孩去海边发现一个充满珠宝的岛屿的故事。_________________________________________________________
  2.  自从老师和他谈话之后,他真的变化很大。


  1. 她在广播中听到了一首充斥着归乡之情的歌曲。


  1. 我们的语文老师总是引导我们欣赏古诗词的美。poetry

9.  3D打印技术发展迅速,许多专家建议把这项技术介绍给更多的中学生。
The 3-D printing ______is developing fast. Many experts suggest that we should_______  it to more middle school students.

  1. 我从来没有见到过如此可爱的女生。


  1. 我没有见到他有10年了。


  1. 你吃饭了吗?吃了。


  1. 我去过成都三次了,你呢?去过多少次了?


  1. 从上个月开始他就不来我们家了。


  1. 自从上个月我爷爷去世了,我现在很思念他。


  1. 快点!电影已经开始十分钟了。


  1. 他已经病了两天了。