Unit1 What's the matter?



1.have a fever 发烧

2.have a cough 咳嗽

3.have a toothache 牙疼

4.talk too much 说得太多

5.drink enough water 喝足够的水

6.have a cold 受凉;感冒

7.have a stomachache 胃疼

8.have a sore back 背疼

9.have a sore throat 喉咙痛

  1. take risks 冒险

11.hot tea with honey 加蜂蜜的热茶

12.see a dentist 看牙医

13.get an X-ray 拍X 光片

14.take one’ s temperature 量体温

15.put some medicine on sth. 在……上面敷药

  1. give up 放弃
  2. sound like 听起来像
  3. all weekend 整个周末
  4. in the same way 以同样的方式
  5. go to a doctor 看医生
  6. go along 沿着……走
  7. on the side of the road 在马路边
  8. shout for help 大声呼救
  9. without thinking twice 没有多想
  10. get off 下车
  11. have a heart problem 有心脏病
  12. to one’ s surprise 另某人惊讶的是
  13. thanks to 多亏了 ;由于
  14. in time 及时
  15. make a decision 做出决定
  16. get into trouble 造成麻烦
  17. right away 立刻;马上
  18. because of 由于
  19. get out of 离开;从……出来
  20. keep on doing sth. 继续或坚持做某事
  21. put a bandage on sth. 用绷带包扎
  22. fall down 摔倒
  23. feel sick 感到恶心
  24. have a nosebleed 流鼻血
  25. cut his knee 割伤他的膝盖
  26. put her head back 把她的头向后仰
  27. have problems breathing 呼吸困难
  28. mountain climbing 登山运动
  29. be used to doing sth. 习惯做某事
  30. run out (of) 用完;用尽
  31. so that 以便
  32. so...that... 如此……以至于...…
  33. be in control of 掌管;管理
  34. in a difficult situation 在闲境中



  1. What's the matter with you?= What'the trouble with you?

= What's wrong with you? 你怎么了?

  1. What should she do? 她该怎么办呢?

3.Should I take my temperature? 我应该量一下体温吗?

4.You should lie down and rest. 你应该躺下休息一会儿。

  1. Do you think it comes from a newspaper or a book? 你认为它是来自报纸还是书呢?
  2. I think I sat in the same way for too long without moving.我想我以同样的姿势一动不动地坐得太久了。
  3. She said that the man had a heart problem and should go to the hospital. 她说这个人有心脏病应该去医院。


Unit2 I'll help to clean up the city parks.



1.Clean-Up Day 清洁日

  1. an old people’s home 养老院
  2. help out with sth. 帮助解决困难
  3. used to 过去常常......
  4. care for 关心;照顾
  5. the look of joy 快乐的表情
  6. at the age of 在......岁时

8.clean up 打扫(或清除)干净

  1. cheer up (使)变得更高兴;振奋
  2. give out 分发;散发
  3. come up with 想出;提出
  4. make a plan 制订计划
  5. make some notices 做些公告牌
  6. try out 试用;试行
  7. work for 为…工作;为…. 效力
  8. put up 建造;举起;张贴
  9. hand out 分发;散发;发给
  10. call up 打电话;召集
  11. put off 推迟;延迟
  12. for example 比如;例如
  13. raise money 筹钱;募捐
  14. take after 与......相像;像
  15. give away 赠送;捐赠
  16. fix up 修理;修补;解决
  17. be similar to 与……相似
  18. set up 建立;设立
  19. disabled people 残疾人
  20. make a difference 影响;有作用
  21. be able to 能够
  22. after-school reading program 课外阅读项目



  1. The boy could give out food at the food bank. 这个男孩可以在食品救济站分发食物。
  2. Clean-Up Day is only two weeks from now. 清洁日离现在仅仅两周的时间。
  3. He volunteers at an animal hospital every Saturday morning. 每周六上午,他都在一'家动物医院当志愿者。
  4. Last year, she decided to try out for a volunteer after-school reading program. 去年,她决定去参加一个课外阅读项目的志愿者的选拔。

5.You can see in their eyes that they're going on a different journey with each new book. 从他们的眼睛里你可以看到他们正在进行每本不同的新书之旅。

  1. I want to put off my plan to work in an animal hospital until next summer. 我想把我在动物医院工作的计划推迟到明年夏天。
  2. Most people today are only worried about getting good jobs to make lots of money. 现在的大部分人只是为找一份能挣许多钱的好工作而着急。
  3. You helped to make it possible for me to have Luck. 在你的帮助下,我才有可能拥有“幸运儿”。


Unit3 Could you please clean your room?



1.go out for dinner 出去吃饭

2.stay out late 在外面待到很晚

3.go to the movies 去看电影

4.get a ride 搭车

5.work on 从事

6.finish doing sth. 完成做某事

7.clean and tidy 干净整洁的

8.do the dishes 洗餐具

9.take out the rubbish 倒垃圾

10.fold your/the clothes 叠衣服

11.sweep the floor 扫地

12.make your/the bed 整理床铺

13.clean the livng room 打扫客厅

14.no problem 没问题

15.welcome sb. 欢迎某人

16.come home from school/work放学/下班回家

17.throw down 扔下

18.sit down 坐下

19.come over 过来

20.take sb. for a walk 带某人去散步

21.all the time 一直;总是

22.all day/evening 整曰/夜

23.do housework 做家务

24.shout back 大声回应

25.walk away 走开

26.share the housework 分担家务

27.a comfortable home 一个舒适的家

28.in surprise 惊讶地

29.get something to drink 拿点喝的东西

30.watch one show 观看一个节目

31.hang out 闲逛

32.pass sb. sth. 把某物传给某人

33.lend sb. sth. 把某物借给某人

34.get sth. wet 使某物弄湿

  1. hate to do sth. 讨厌做某事

36.do chores 做杂务

37.help sb. (to ) d o /with sth•帮助某人干某事

38.bring a tent带顶帐篷来

39.buy some snacks买些小吃

40.go to the store去商店

41.invite sb. to a party邀请某人参加聚会

42.make sb. do sth. 使某人做某事

43.enough stress足够的压力

44.a waste of time浪费时间

45.in order to为了

46.get good grades取得好成绩

47.mind doing sth. 介意做某事

48.depend on依赖;依靠

49.develop children ’ s independence发展孩子的独立性

50.look after/take care of 照顾;照看

51.do one’ s part in (doing ) sth. 做某人分内的事



1.Could you please clean your room? 你能打扫一下你的房间吗?

  1. I have to do some work. 我必须干些活。
  2. Could I use your computer? 我可以用一下你的电脑吗?
  3. She won't be happy if she sees this mess. 如果她看到这样乱七八糟的话,她会不高兴的。
  4. For one week, she did not do any housework and neither did I. 整整一周,她什么家务活都不干了,我也一样。
  5. My mom came over as soon as I sat down in front of the TV .我一在电视机前坐下,我妈妈就过来了。
  6. I hate to do chores. 我不喜欢做杂务。


Unit4 Why don't you talk to your parents?



1.have free time有空闲时间

2.allow sb. to do sth. 允许某人做某事

3.hang out with sb. 与某人闲逛

  1. after-school classes课外活动课
  2. get into a fight with sb.与某人吵架/打架
  3. until midnight直到半夜
  4. talk to sb. 与某人交谈
  5. too many太多
  6. study too much学得过多
  7. get enough sleep有足够的睡眠
  8. write sb. a letter给某人写信
  9. call sb. up打电话给某人
  10. surprise sb. 令某人惊讶
  11. look through翻看
  12. be angry with sb. 生某人的气
  13. a big deal重要的事
  14. work out成功地发展;解决
  15. get on with与...相处
  16. fight a lot经常吵架/打架
  17. hang over笼罩
  18. refuse to do sth. 拒绝做某事
  19. offer to do sth. 主动提出做某事
  20. so that以便
  21. mind sb. doing sth. 介意某人做某事
  22. all the time一直
  23. in future今后
  24. make sb. angry使某人生气
  25. worry about sth. 担心某事
  26. copy one’ s homework抄袭某人的作业
  27. be oneself做自己
  28. family members
  29. spend time alone独自消磨时光
  30. give sb. pressure给某人施压
  31. have a fight with sb. 与某人吵架
  32. compete with sb. 与某人竞争
  33. free time activities业余活动
  34. get better grades取得更好的成绩
  35. give one’ s opinion提出某人的观点
  36. learn exam skills学习应试技巧
  37. practice sports体育训练
  38. cause stress造成压力
  39. cut out删除