1.Kate didn't go to the movie last night because she had to ________her sick dog at home.

  1. look at          B. look up          C. look for         D. look after

2.--Excuse me, Mr Li, I don't know the meaning of the whole sentence. What shall I do?      --You'd better first _______the new words.

  1. look for         B. look up        C. look through

3.Wake up,Nick.It's time to____,or you'll be late for school.

A.get up      B.get back   C.get away      D.get off

4.Man-made satellites have been _____ into space by many countries.

  1. sent out    B. sent up   C. sent off    D. sent for

5.Would you please be kind enough to ____ the TV a little? I’m doing my homework.

  1. turn up   B. turn out    C. turn down     D. turn off

6.I have to go now. Please remember to______ the lights when you leave,

  1. turn off   B. turn down   C turn up    D. turn on

7.---      all your things, Tom! I hate them here and there.  ---OK, Mom.

A   Put up   B. Put on    C. Put down   D. Put away

  1. The plane __________at three o'clock in the afternoon.
  2. takes off        B. takes away      C. takes out        D. takes down
  3. Don't ________people in trouble. Try to "help them,
  4. hear. from   B. go over C. laugh at  D. took like

10.—One more satellite was sent up into space in China in May.

—Right. The government spoke _______ that.

A. highly for   B. high of    C. well of    D. highly of

11.—There is a ticket on the floor, is it yours?  —Oh, yes, it's mine.  —Let me______ for you.   A.to pick up it  B. to pick it up   C. pick up it   D. pick it up

  1. --Tom, it's cold outside. ________your coat when you go out.      --OK, Morn.
  2. Take off        B. Take away     C. Put away       D. Put on

13.—Your sweater looks nice, is it______ wool?  —Yes, and it's______ Inner Mongolia.

  1. made of, made by  B. made of, made in  C. made by, made for  D. made by, made from  14. My parents and I like to __ outside after dinner. It is really relaxing.
  2. run off               B. hang out              C. dress up
  3. Lots of people in our city _______ the old and they usually offer their seats to the old on buses.  A. agree with        B. worry about      C. laugh at        D. care for

16.. It's really not easy to catch up with my classmates. Whenever I wanted to_______, my teacher always encouraged me to work harder.

go on   B. turn down   C. give back    D. give up

17.. The doctor _____ the child carefully and found that there was nothing serious with him.   A.looked over  B. looked at   C. looked after    D. looked for

18.. It's too dark here . Please ___________ the light.

  1. turn back   B. turn down   C. turn on     D. turn off
  2. They are going to __a hospital to help poor people.

A.write down    B. hand out       C.set up

  1. Tom, please help me ___ the picture on the wall.
  2. put up    B. put on   C. put off     D. put into

21.It is wise to have some money ____ for old age.

A  put away   B   kept up   C   given away    D   laid up

22.----Many students don’t know how to       stress (压力)and become wourried.

-----I think they’d better ask their teachers for help.

A argue with  B  deal with   C  quarrel with   D   come up with

23.----The box is too heavy to carry .What’s in it ?   -----Oh, it       books .

A  is filled  with     B  is used for  C  is aimed at

24.You should relly      something.It’s terrible habit .

A  grow up  B give up  C  pick up   D  set up

25.---Fangfang failed in the singing competition, She must be very sad.   ---Let’s go and      . A wake her up   B cheer her up   C   pick her up  D give her up

26.Another new fiction by HanHan is being prined and it will soon     .

A come out  B  set out  C  sell out  D  work out

27.---Pollution is a serious problem here.

---I hope the government will      some more good ways to solve it.

  1. come on  B come down  C  come arround   D come up with

28.Jim grow up with many amimals at home and knows well how to      pets.

A  belong to   B get away from    C take care of     D wake up

29.---Tv and computer are so popular these days .

----Yes ,they can      our eyes to the outside world .

A call up   B  open up     C  turn up      D take up

30.Bill doesn’t like the sunglaaes in the ad because they can’t    the sun well.

A  take out  B  keep out   C  clearn out    D  look out

31.If I were a teacher ,I would allow my students to        by themselves.

A  make a living  B  make decisions  C make much noise   D  make wish 32.---Steven,could you help me       when the plane will take off the Internet?

----I’m sorry, my computer doesn’t work.

  1. get on  B  find out    C look for   D  look after

33.--How can I      well with my lessons ,Dad? ---Practice makes perfect.

A  work on   B hold on   C get on   D keep on

34.---Are you      the dark?   ----Oh,yes.I always go to sleep with the light on.

A  used to  B afraid of   C  interested in  D  good with

35.Enough sleep is good for heath.If you    for your favorite TV programs ,you will feel sleepy.

A  stay up  B  set up   C  pick up   D  fix up


【参考答案】 1. D。[解析]考查词组的的含义。 四个选项中A项表示“看”;B项表示“仰视”或“查阅”;C项表示“寻找”;而根据句意,只有D项“照看”符合题意。 2. B。[解析]本题考查词义辨析。此处look up意为“查阅”(词典等)。look for寻找;look through浏览。 3. A解析:本题考查动词短语的用法。由题意“到了起床的时间了,尼克,否则你会迟到”,故选A。 4. 选B。四词组的含义分别是:send out送出、寄出;send up发射、发出;send off (=see off) 送行;send for派人去请。 5. 选C。我在做作业(I’m doing my homework),不想被电视吵,所以请求看电视的人“turn down关小”声音。turn up 调大声音;rum out' 熄灭,生产;turn off 关掉。 6.A turn off,"关闭";turn on,意思是"打开"。 7.D Put up举起,张贴,建造;Put on穿上,戴上;Put down记下,写下;Put away收起来放好。  8. A。[解析]本题考查四个动词短语的区别。 题意为“飞机在下午三点钟起飞”。故应选A。take off是同定搭配,意为“脱下;起飞”等;而take away是“带走,拿走”的意思;take out意为“取出,拿出”;take down是“写下,记下”之意。  9. C 。[解析]联系上下句“不要嘲笑在麻烦中的人,要努力去帮助他们。”laugh at嘲笑,故选C。 10.D speak highly of 是"称赞"的意思。 11.D let 动词常用let sb. do sth.结构。由"动词 + 副词"构成的短语,它的宾语是代词时,代词一般放在动词和副词之间。  12. D 。[解析]本题考查词义辨析。因为外面冷,所以出去的时候要“穿上”外衣。  13.B  made of和made from都是指是由什么材料制成的(前者呈物理变化,后者呈化学变化),made by一般是被动语态结构,made in是指在哪里制作的。 14.B。[解析]本题主要考查动词短语的意思。A项run off意为“逃跑,流掉”;B项hang out意为“闲逛”;C项dress up意为“盛装打扮”。根据后句"It is really relaxing.”推知空格处应填hang out。 15. D。[解析]本题考查词义辨析。 由句中的offer their seats to the old 0n bus和现实生活中就知道是“关心”“爱护”。       16. D give up意指"放弃"。 17. A  look over 是"仔细检查",后 三个意思分别是"看---; 照看;寻找"。  18. C  turn back(返回),turn down(翻下,调小),turn on(打开),turn off(关上)。 19.C。[解析]本题考查词义辨析。只有set up(建立)能与宾语a hospital搭配,write down(写下)和hand out(分发)都不合适。 20. A put up这里是"张贴"的意思。  21.A解析:该题正确答案为A。意为"存";keep up意为"继续";give away意为"分发";lay up"贮藏"。 22.B .解析:根据句意可知此处填“处理”, argue /quarrel  with sb 与某人争论;come up with   赶上.。 23.A .解析:is filled with被……充满;is used for 被当作……使用;is aimed at被……瞄准。

24.B .解析:grow up成长;give up让步;pick up捡起;set up开办,建立。 25.B. 解析:wake up 唤醒;cheer up 喝彩,鼓励;pick up捡起;give up让步。 26.A. 解析:come out 出版;set out出发;sell out 售完;work out算出。 27.D .解析:come on来吧,跟着来,赶快come down下来,落;come arround转到come up with找到;提出(答案、解决办法等)。 28.C .解析:belong to属于;get away from摆脱,逃离;take care of照顾;wake up唤醒 29.B. 解析:call up 召唤;open up 打开,成立;turn up 调大音量;take up拿起,举起。 30.B 解析:take out取出;keep out 摭住,挡住;clearn out清除,look out 留神,注意 31.B.解析:make a living谋生;make decisions作决定;make much noise吵闹;make wish许愿。 32.B.解析;find out 查明,找出;get on上车;look after照顾,照看;look tor 寻找。 33.C.解析:work on从事,致力于;hold on继续,抓住……不放;get on with 进步,进展; keep on 继续进行。句意:“爸爸,我怎样才能取得学习上的进步呢?”“熟能生巧。” 34.B.解析:be used to 习惯于;be afraid of害怕;be interested in对......感兴趣;be good with  与……相处融洽。 35.A.解析:stay up熬夜;set up开办,建立;pick up 捡起;fix up 修理。